Are there any plans for increasing the variety?


Will be decided according to market demands.

Herbs (in pots) are being planned to be introduced in the market.

Can we use our products for cooking?


Describe the composition of medium and how it supports the growth of plant?

Coco peat is used as the substrate.

Provides 40% aeration and 60% moisture to the roots of the plant which provides an ideal condition for the growth of the plant.

For how long can we keep our products at a room temperature?

In winters- 4-5 days

In summers- not more than 2 days

how it is better than organic and normal produce?

Better than organic-

      1. More hygeinic

      2.Free from soil-borne diseases 

      3.High nutritional value (fact, research already being done)

      4.In organic we feed the soil, in hydroponics we feed the plant.

How much time will take to grow Nature’s Miracle products after seeding and what is the process of germination?


Germination- after 3 days of seeding

Transplantation after 15-20 days after seeding (depends on climate)

First harvest after 30-40 days (depending on climatic conditions)


Germination- after 7-9 days after seeding

Transplantation- after 45 days of seeding

First harvest- after 100-105 days after seeding (snack is harvested earlier than block)


Germination- after 3-4 days of seeding

Transplantation- after 40-42 days of seeding

First harvest- after 80-85 days of seeding

What are the certificates and accrediation that Nature’s Miracle have in India?

FSSAI ,  working on GLOBAL GAP.

What are the health benefits of Nature’s Miracle Vegetables?

High Vitamin content

Very less calorie content

Antioxidant agent

Good for heart

Counters the effect of cigarette smoking

Improves vision

Low hypertension

Helps in digestion

Skin care

What is GMO?

Genetically modified organisms- None of our products are GMOs.

What makes Super Sweet Snack Peppers Sweet?

High levels of FRUCTOSE(fruit sugar) (natural sugar).