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Key Differentiators

The torch bearer of Dutch expertise in hydroponics in India

We are the first of its kind Glass Greenhouse of this scale in India and strong curators of the highly advanced technology developed by the Dutch and their hydroponics techniques.

GLOBAL G.A.P. Certification

GLOBAL G.A.P. is an internationally recognised set of farm standards dedicated to Good Agricultural Practices(GAP) which has definitive rules for growers to follow.

Smart Farming

We understand the importance of how every crunchy bite of yours is full of nutrients. Just the reason that we go at great lengths in taking care of our plants. From meticulously analysing outside environment in real-time to optimising environment inside, we do it all. Because when the plants are healthy, you get the best from every bite.

No Post Harvest Treatment

Once our fruits and vegetables are harvested, they are meticulously sorted according to their size, shape, weight, colour and is then hygienically packed. With no post-harvest treatment, you can rest assured that you enjoy the goodness of fresh fruits and vegetables, without any worry.


When you take a bite of our fruits and vegetables we believe that you are entrusting your health and safety to us. That is why we make sure that we source only Non-GMO (Non Genetically Modified Organisms) into our fields.

90% Less Water Consumption

We take ‘less is more’ to a new level. While we use 90% less water than the regular farming techniques, our plants grow two times faster. That’s because we use the best mix of modern agricultural practices and the most advanced Dutch technology.

No Soil, No Contamination

To deliver fruits and vegetables that are best for you, we use high-absorbent inert mediums such as perlite, rock wool and coco peat as a seed base instead of soil. When there is no soil, there is little to no chance of contamination.

Precision Hydroponics

To deliver superior taste in every bite, we built the first fully automated hydroponic glass greenhouse of this scale in India. Through the hydroponic process, we grow plants without soil in a water and fertilizer solution. The controlled environment keeps your fruits and vegetables in optimum condition, in their early stages of growth and until they are ready to be plucked and put in your facvourite miracle boxes.

Om Sound to Wake Up the Plants

Studies show that while plants cannot hear, but they do feel vibrations. Our plants begin their day with positive vibrations of Om chanting and get ready for a day full of nourishing.

Controlled Environment, No Side Effects of Pollution

We believe that your fruits and vegetables should grow in the most favourable environment, our greenhouse protects the plants from pollution. Our Weather Station collects real-time data from the environment outside while the Master Control Station delivers the right environment to plants, so that they can absorb nutrition optimally.

Consistent Quality

We micro-manage every step of plant growth so that each fruit and vegetable can grow optimally. Just some of the things we do to keep you stocked with the most nutritious fruits and vegetables. Fruit size, weight, taste and quality remain consistent all through the year.

Honey bees and Ladybugs: Our Best Friends

In order to keep you crunching and munching, we are always thankful to the millions of Ladybugs and Honey bees, who work tirelessly to keep our farms happy and bug-free. While honey bees help in the pollination process, the Ladybugs keep bad bugs at bay.

Mastered by the Dutch, Practiced by Us

We bring the highly advanced technology developed by the Dutch and synchronize it with the traditional Indian know-how to fill your plates with natural goodness.

Ongoing R&D with 100+Years of Dutch Experience = Our Team