Nature’s Miracle Launches Fruits And Vegetables Cultivated Hydroponically At Their Green House Using Dutch Technology

On 15 March 2019

Nature’s Miracle Launches

New Delhi, March 16, 2019: Nature’s Miracle, the newest venture from Dharampal Satyapal Group was formally launched at their Green House situated in Greater Noida.

The celebrations went on for three days which included a familiarisation tour of the facility, followed by a sit-down dinner curated by celebrity Chef Vicky Ratnani and Chef Manish Mehrotra, using fresh produce from the green house. The magical dining setup at the glasshouse, surrounded by hues of nature had the glitterati of Delhi.

Speaking at the occasion, Ravi Kumar, Co-Founder, Nature’s Miracle, said, “The idea was to get people to the facility and show them around, make them see what miracle we’re creating here, feel and taste the goodness of the produce.”

Equipped with superior Dutch hydroponic technology and state of the art Green House, Nature’s Miracle cultivates delicious and juicy, healthy fruits and vegetables. Since the inception of the company in 2016 their products have been available at premium food markets across Delhi NCR and are known for their consistency in taste, crunch and goodness.

“The products are better than any in the market, they’re so healthy and fresh, the taste is consistent and they’re a great option to snack on. We take care of our produce like babies, to keep them happy we even play music to them!” says, Anchal Kumar, Partner, Nature’s Miracle.

Yes. Pindfresh for instance, says if you’re interested in being a hobbyist, it’s best to be a home-grower of hydroponic produce, especially if you don’t have access to high-end supply chains that can make it a viable business for you. You can try even if you’re in a small, cramped apartment because of the process’ “vertical farming” set up. Anand’s company sells equipment and kits on e-commerce portals like Amazon and through their website. “Our idea is that anyone can do this. It’s like cycling or swimming; you just need to do it to understand it,” he says. “It’s simple, if it’s automated. You can train a person within two hours to run it by themselves.”

At present the product line comprises cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and strawberries. Available in different packaging options, these are priced at an affordable Rs. 99/ Rs. 150/- per pack of snacking range.

Available At:

Food Hall, Big Bazaar, Le Marche and Modern Bazaar outlets across Delhi NCR

Source : Thesmetimes